Traditional cuisine

A joyful food experience with many traditional Chinese dishes from Peking Duck, the trademark dish of Beijing, Dim sum which originates in Guangzhou and Honk Kong. Call or come in for more information. 

Best rest for families

Golden Duke Cuisine brings the traditional feel and look to your eyes and taste to your mouth. This makes it an ideal place we call best rest for families. Bring in the family we have a table waiting for yours. 

Unique events & great service

Our Cuisine hosts many events and wedding celebrations making it a memorable place to have brought two people together with all the families and great food. Call us or leave an email to learn more about our events booking. 

  • 5284 Highway 7 E, Unit 3
    Markham, ON L3P 1B9.
    Telephone: (905) 294-8833



    Mon - Sun 9am - 11pm (Regular Hours)
    Mon - Sun 9am - 11am
    (Dim Sum Specials)

Food + drink + Cuisine

  • Golden Duke Cuisine


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